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What is Retinoblastoma?

Retinoblastoma (RB) is a rare and horrific childhood eye cancer. It primarily affects children under the age of 7. Without early detection and appropriate treatment, Retinoblastoma Cancer is always FATAL.

The Critical Clues

A glimpse of a “white pupil” in a child’s eye. A “white or yellowish pupil” in a photograph. (The “white/ yellowish pupil” is the tumour!)

Be Aware

Avery’s Journey is committed and dedicated to heighten the awareness of this rare and horrific childhood eye cancer, Retinoblastoma.

If you saw the signs, would you know?

Please share this information and help promote RB awareness.  Feel free to print and distribute our RB Awareness Poster.




Normal red pupil

One white/yellow pupil and one black

Both pupils white/yellow