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Avery’s Song: A Triumphant Journey

“Singing is my passion,” says 19-year-old Avery of Hamilton. “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and I want to keep singing forever. It’s been a coping mechanism that’s helped me through some tough times.”
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Avery's Journey on CHCH News

Maria Hayes has the perfect story for a Thanksgiving. We are revisiting a young girl you were first introduced to back in 2001. Avery Williams was then 3-years old. She was battling retinablastoma. A cancer in the eye. Treatment for the rare condition cost her an eye, as well as her hearing. But to see her today, you realize this teen isn’t struggling with any deficits.
Here’s Maria’s story.


Stoney Creek News article   
When a family gets a cancer diagnosis it’s never easy.
No one knows that better than the Williams family.
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McMaster University News
At the age of three months, the Stoney Creek resident was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare childhood eye cancer that is fatal if not diagnosed early and treated appropriately. By the age of three Williams had already undergone nine cycles of chemotherapy combined with laser (heat) and cryo (freezing) therapy to fight the tumors in her eyes. Despite the best efforts of her medical team however, Williams' left eye required enucleation in 2001.
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